Using DNA for Genealogy

taught by Maurice Gleeson
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Maurice Gleeson
Maurice Gleeson
Dr Maurice Gleeson

About the Instructor

Dr Maurice Gleeson, a psychiatrist and pharmaceutical physician by day and a genetic genealogist by night, is administrator for the Gleason/Gleeson, Spearin, Farrell, Irish Caribbean DNA and WW1 Missing Legacy projects. He has organised the DNA Lectures for "Genetic Genealogy Ireland" in Dublin and "Who Do You Think You Are" in the UK since 2012, as well as given talks all over Ireland and internationally. His YouTube videos on genetic genealogy are very popular and he was voted "Genetic Genealogist of the Year 2015” by the SurnameDNA Journal.

This course is a beginner level course on using DNA to complement your genealogy research. The course has been written by the instructor, Maurice Gleeson, a well known genetic genealogist. In addition to text, the course includes videos by Dr Gleeson which will enhance your understanding of the written text. There are exercises to help you to put the learning into practice and additional resources for further reading or learning.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to DNA for Genealogy
  • Using yDNA to research surnames
  • Benefits of DNA surname projects
  • mt and autosomal DNA
  • Tackling brickwalls created by illegitimacy, adoption and similar situations
  • Putting it All Together

Course Contents

18 Texts
8.0 hrs